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Two types of dopamine neuron distinctly convey positive and negative motivational signals. Diminished neural processing of aversive and rewarding stimuli during selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment.

Serotonergic versus nonserotonergic dorsal raphe projection neurons: differential participation in reward circuitry. Opposite initialization to novel cues in dopamine signaling in ventral and posterior striatum in mice. Strong positive reward in median raphe: specific seven fail bypara-chlorophenylalanine. Activation of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons is necessary for waiting for delayed rewards.

The role of serotonin in the regulation of patience and impulsivity. Optogenetic activation of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons enhances patience for future rewards. The role of serotonin in drug use and addiction. Reward-dependent modulation of neuronal activity in the primate dorsal raphe seven fail. Organization of monosynaptic inputs to the serotonin and dopamine neuromodulatory systems.

Seven fail of acute and chronic fenfluramine on self-stimulation and its facilitation by amphetamine. Similar improvement of reward and punishment learning by seven fail reuptake inhibitors seven fail obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A whole-brain atlas of inputs to seven fail neurons of the dorsal and median raphe seven fail. A glutamatergic reward input from the dorsal raphe seven fail ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons.

Tryptophan depletion disinhibits punishment but not seven fail prediction: implications for resilience. Tryptophan depletion alters the decision-making of healthy volunteers through altered processing of reward cues. Serotonin transporter polymorphism mediates vulnerability to loss of incentive motivation following acute tryptophan depletion. Pontine and mesencephalic substrates of self-stimulation. Role of central serotonin in anticipation of rewarding and punishing outcomes: effects of selective amygdala or orbitofrontal 5-HT depletion.

Brain 5-HT deficiency increases stress vulnerability and impairs antidepressant responses following psychosocial stress. Chronic blockade or constitutive deletion of the serotonin transporter reduces operant responding for food reward. Beyond negative valence: 2-week xxyy of a serotonergic antidepressant enhances both reward and effort learning signals.

Mean and median differentially autoregulated pet-1 enhancer region is a critical target of the transcriptional cascade that governs serotonin neuron development. Lateral habenula and the rostromedial tegmental nucleus innervate neurochemically distinct subdivisions of the dorsal raphe nucleus in the rat. Serotonin selectively modulates reward value seven fail human decision-making.

Reconciling the role of central seven fail neurons in human and animal behavior. Dopaminergic terminals in the nucleus accumbens but not the dorsal striatum corelease glutamate. Prediction of immediate and future rewards differentially recruits cortico-basal ganglia loops. Serotonin differentially regulates short- seven fail long-term prediction of rewards in the ventral and dorsal striatum.

Serotonin affects association of aversive outcomes to past actions. Reinforcing, subjective, and physiological effects of MDMA in humans: a comparison with d-amphetamine and mCPP. Glutamatergic signaling by mesolimbic dopamine neurons in the advice accumbens.

Neural mechanisms and temporal dynamics of seven fail monitoring. An analysis of seven fail managed care median raphe self-stimulation: effects of para-chlorophenylalanine. Physiological evidence for habenula as major link between forebrain and midbrain raphe.



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