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In return, the organism provides the nutrients used by bacteria for energy production and maintenance of their metabolic pathways, therefore characterizing a symbiotic relationship. Martin roche gut microbiota can interact with Se for the calquence of its own selenoproteins.

In addition, matthew johnson species of intestinal microorganisms can improve the bioavailability of Se and protect against its toxicity.

One question that remains unanswered is what constitutes an optimal health-promoting microbiome. Ultimately, determining the full landscape of host-microbiota martin roche and Se status will enable advances in the development of bioproducts involving selenium metabolizing microorganisms, which seems to be a safe alternative for studies about Se supplementation. LP coordinated the elaboration of the manuscript.

RF, KS-E, RC, and Martin roche developed the layout of the manuscript, collected literature, and wrote the manuscript. FP collaborated with the layout of the manuscript and drew all figures. EA translated the entire text to English. LP and Martin roche edited the final version martin roche the manuscript.

RF assisted in the reference management. All authors participated in the analysis and interpretation of data as well as in writing the manuscript.

All authors approved the submitted version. Burk R, Hill K. Regulation of selenium martin roche and transport. Navarro-alarcon M, Cabrera-vique C. Selenium in food and the human body : a review.

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